"With EDGE - it's not only Business, it's Personal."

Our Story.

“When you share your story with me, you share your journey with all of us”

-Kelly Wilson, EDGE Business Magazine, Founder & CEO

  I am Kelly Wilson, the Founder & CEO of EDGE Business Magazine. We’re so much  more than just a magazine, we’re a Multi-Platform Media Company specifically designed to assist small business owners with gaining a voice, visibility and influence in the community.

  I am a story teller and community builder. I personally have over 20 years of  experience in marketing & advertising and the past 5 years I have been passionately involved in the business community increasing the exposure of Tampa Bay leaders by sharing their stories through our media platforms.

As a business owner, you have worked day in and day out… thousands of hours dedicated to building your business to where it is today. There are an overwhelming number of promotional options / products for you to choose from … how do you determine what option is best for you without wasting a lot of time, excessive funds and back and forth trial & error?

The problems executive’s and business owners face are just that… determining the most effective way to gain new business, industry respect and maximum exposure with the highest and quickest return on their investment.

With EDGE Magazine, Media & Creative - EDGE provides a proven five-platform process that includes all the major media components, such as print and digital publications, commercials for online, tv and radio, weekly email newsletters, online content database, video products and the visual Getting the EDGE weekly podcast. All designed with a personal touch to assist you in gaining the community recognition that you truly deserve.

I am extremely passionate about my purpose in life. As a child I was told not to dream. In-fact one of my Mother’s favorite lines to me was “Kelly, get your head out of the clouds”. Luckily, I never listened, I continued to dream and throughout my life have encouraged everyone around me to pursue theirs. Media allows me the opportunity to have a voice and to provide multiple platforms filled with hope and inspiration. Media allows me the opportunity to share your stories of courage, focus and determination and to highlight your accomplishments, your business, your passion. Don’t you agree that we can all learn from each other’s journey.

EDGE is not transactional. We believe in building relationships. It is never just about your involvement today, it’s about all of us successfully moving forward together. 95% of our client partners are still utilizing the valuable community-oriented benefits of EDGE, since our conception, over five years ago.

With EDGE, it’s not only business, it’s personal. Find out how EDGE can highlight you & your business today!

“Since 2015, through paid Advertisers and Sponsors, we are able to donate five ads ($3,600 value) in each issue of EDGE Business Magazine to local Non-Profits and aspiring Businesses that otherwise could not afford to promote their Organizations.” - Kelly Wilson, EDGE Business Magazine, Founder & CEO

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We're so much more than just a Magazine, we're a COMMUNITY, est. 2013.


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